Case Studies

We are always perfecting our services to help you solve the challenges of multilingual content creation and management, and get you flawless results every time.
Take a look at our case studies to get a glimpse of Native in action.

Reputation Help Center article localization and tutorial subtitling

This job required us to process around 32,000 words and to produce 157 minutes of subtitles in 16 languages.

Scaling the Reputation platform from 2 to 16 languages

The project goal was to introduce a localization infrastructure for the client’s product platform to effectively scale it from 2 to 16 languages. Each new language added 220,000 words of translated content, with a desired turnaround time of 4 weeks.

Intertrust User Interface and technical documentation localization into Japanese and German

This job had around 94,000 words of content per language and needed to be delivered in 4 weeks. The challenge was a lot of corrupt and improperly displayed content. This required some creative engineering on our side.

Vocational Learning Module Localization into 28 Languages

The client approached us to become the official translation partner in a large-scale EU procurement for localizing vocational learning modules for ERASMUS+ students into 28 languages.

Russian-English AI translation engine training

We took part in a milestone AI training project, where the goal was to make an AI capable of translating conversational language from Russian into English by means of analyzing and learning from human pre-translated tweets and articles.

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