Language Operations

Native specializes in language operations (LangOps), streamlining and managing all your localization aspects so you can focus on what matters—your business.

With our industry know-how and innovative tools, we optimize your language operations, improving results and reducing costs.

What is LangOps?

When it comes to software localization, it is important to understand the flowing and continuously evolving nature of software development. In order for software localization efforts to be efficient and justify the investment, it is beneficial to think of it from a Development and Operations (DevOps) perspective. In order to create a product that truly resonates in local markets, software localization must embrace the collaborative nature, automation, continuous testing and continuous deployment, as well as opportunities to scale. For more information on langops, please visit LangOps Wikipedia page.

What is the benefit of Language Operations?

Language Operations provide a more technical and systematic thought process which is a lot familiar with the thought process of software development. Just as DevOps supports the scalability of software processes, having the same principle applied to localization ensures that as the product grows, its global reach and adaptability expand concurrently. In addition to that, ensuring that language operations align with DevOps, feedback is continuous and iterative. Integrating localization within this loop ensures that global user feedback is quickly incorporated, leading to better product iterations for all markets.

Are DevOps and Localization Connected?

DevOps principles don’t just make technical sense; it’s a strategic imperative for localization to become a more aligned process with software development trends. Such an approach ensures that products are built with a global-first mindset, resulting in enhanced user experiences, increased market share, and a competitive edge in diverse markets. We expand on these topics in our blog section on a regular basis, so make sure to check it out!


We create transparent workflows and reports so you can always keep tabs on the value of your localization efforts for your business. These services include:

Risk assessment

Language Asset Management

In-Country Review

Linguistic Testing

Localization Integration

Localization API

Localization Workflow

From project management to quality assurance and vendor management, we can take care of your localization needs or offer comprehensive support to help you navigate the complexities of multilingual content creation.


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This term refers to the process of managing language-related tasks across an organization, such as product localization, global marketing, support efforts, ticketing, etc. This involves creating workflows, processes, and strategies to ensure that language is handled efficiently and effectively.

Businesses in global markets need to communicate with their customers, partners, and employees. Language operations help businesses manage and centralize language-related tasks to save time and costs, improve communication, and increase customer satisfaction. Language operations also emphasize the importance of technology and artificial intelligence to aid language-related tasks at scale.

Services include translation, localization, transcription, subtitling and voiceover, language consulting, risk assessment, project management, quality assurance and technology solutions.

Language operations use technology, best practices and quality assurance processes to ensure quality and consistency.

It is important to set goals and key performance indicators that will allow you to measure the efficiency of your localization spending. A qualified localization vendor will assist you with creating a localization architecture, help with reporting, and support you in measuring localization data and maximizing value.