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What is a Localization Sprint and Why do We Need it?

As we continue to explore the applications of DevOps practices to localization, we arrive to the concept of sprints. Sprints are an efficient way of getting specifically defined things done in a given time. Let’s see how the idea of sprints translate to the world of global content creation.

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What Is a LangOps Company?

Over the past decade, the term ‘Ops’ has become more than just a buzzword. It signifies specialized, streamlined processes tailored to specific industries. With the introduction of more tech in language and translation services, a new discipline has emerged to define the role of localization in the global playground.

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How Much Data is Enough to Deploy an Effective Minimum Viable Localization Product (MVLP)

When it comes to Language Operations (LangOps), the initialization of Minimum Viable Localization Product (MVLP) marks a significant stride towards fulfilling the LangOps manifesto’s ambitious goals. MVLP sits at the crossroads of AI-driven innovation and linguistic inclusivity, embodying the manifesto’s core principles: understanding every customer irrespective of language, and expanding reach to the broadest audience possible.

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The Biggest Issues in DevOps and How Localization Can Assist in Resolving Them

DevOps as a discipline was created to provide tools and methodology to resolve primary issues in software development. DevOps practitioners are equipped with a remarkable skillset to keep the software development process smooth and running. In efforts to bring more value to an industry that utilizes localization frequently, we wanted to look into at the biggest issues in DevOps and how localization could help in removing some of the roadblocks when working on a new software.

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How the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Can Be Applied to Localization (MVLP)

Minimum Viable Product or MVP for short has nothing to do with the MVP’s we celebrate in sports. Although we can argue that minimum viable product can often times be the most valuable player in product development. I’ll leave that discussion for another time; in this article we’ll look at the relevancy of MVP in localization.

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Understanding Product Version Control: Key to Integrating Localization in the DevOps Workflow

Version control has been a crucial tool for tracking software development process. In addition to the collaborative nature of the tools that provide version control, it provides a number of ways to integrate localization specialists in it. From understanding how branching works, to A/B testing, all the way to participating in discussions on internationalization issues, understanding the concepts of version control brings huge benefits for localization managers. Here’s our look on how to go about it.


Why We Introduce DevOps Methods to Localization Strategy

DevOps have been around for quite a long time. Ever since the movement started back in 2007, the constant reiteration of methodologies has lead DevOps to become a super refined way to design and deliver software products. It took language industry a while to catch up, but with the surge in technology over the past few years, we’re seeing increasing benefits of applying and integrating the thought processes behind DevOps to localization strategy. We call them language operations or LangOps. The article looks at the benefits of thinking about localization in LangOps terms and why is it beneficial to include localization strategy as a part of DevOps efforts.

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Best Ways to Extract Website Content for Localization

When thinking about website localization, the first thing that often comes up is what is the best way to extract website content. There are a lot of suggestions, and many of them for a good price, however, in this article we explore ways on how to perform this action on our own.

The Human in the Loop: Respecting the Emotional Toll of LangOps

How has the human role changed in localization industry after the great shift towards artificial intelligence? Stress and burnouts are just a few things to consider. In this article, which was first published in Multilingual Magazine’s issue in June, 2023, Didzis looks at the impact of artificial intelligence on the people in the middle of the tech meatgrinder.