Localization Workflow

The backbone of smooth multilingual content creation, a good localization workflow is essential for your businesses in international markets.

More about Localization Processes

Localization workflow describes the orchestration of processes that revolve around receiving, processing and delivering a localized product. It is an overarching management of architecture that consists of both technology and human resources. It is in the hands of our process managers to develop, implement and maintain localization workflows tailored to the needs of our partners.

Don’t Forget the APIs

Technical aspects of localization workflow include management of all linguistic assets, as well as tools and systems introduced in it. Proper workflow management also requires the introduction of integrations and APIs. We automate as much as we can in order to ensure the localization efforts scale alongside product development. Typical localization workflow technical components are content management systems, localization APIs, localization management systems, machine translation tools, AI post editing systems, translation memory and terminology management tools.


Localization workflow also deals with human resources in the workflow and our process orchestrators are responsible for these resources to be implemented as efficiently as possible. Continuous iterations of localized products mean the introduction of qualified post-editors, SEO specialists, in-country reviewers and specific industry proofreaders into the localization workflow. 

The ability to efficiently combine technology and human resources is what describes Native Localization orchestrators. Our priority is to ensure that the flow is happening and identifying any weak spots that would technically or linguistically hinder the scaling operations to multiple markets.

Native creates and implements a systematic and clear cut end-to-end approach for your localization workflow needs with state-of-the-art tools to automate and optimize the process, reducing time-to-market and maximizing your return on investment, all while keeping you updated on the progress at every step.

Let Native handle your localization workflow and put your content localization into high gear. Native localization workflow teams:


We are highly skilled in the language of globalization, with a deep understanding of the complexities of language, culture, and logistics.

Localization workflow is a process aiming to arrange and perform the required steps for content localization according to a predefined plan.

It standardizes and optimizes the localization steps, ensuring that the process is efficient, and the quality and consistency remains high.

The typical steps in a localization workflow include project analysis, content preparation, translation, editing, proofreading, cultural adaptation, quality assurance, and delivery.

To ensure a smooth localization workflow, it is important to have clear communication with your project managers and localization and development teams, establish a project plan and timeline, provide detailed instructions, reference materials and communication channels, and ensure that all parties are aligned on the project tasks, goals, timeframes and requirements.

Common challenges in a localization workflow include managing multiple languages and locales, standardization, dealing with technical and design limitations, software compatibility, and consistency across content.