Risk Assessment

Doing a preventive risk assessment to identify potential complications related to your localization efforts can save a lot of time and unnecessary expenses.

Risk and Localization?

A big part of the language operations mindset is predicting outcomes and calculating risks. Risk assessment related to localization efforts can be divided into sections of UX related risks, financial risks and risks associated with marketing and sales activities.

UX Language Related Risks

UX related risk assessment deals with localization processes starting on the internationalization level. For example, tests such as pseudolocalization are very useful in identifying if a product or a platform is technically ready to start the localization process. At this stage specialists are making every effort to make sure that the system capabilities are robust and adjusted enough to support text expansion, special characters and particular sentence structures characteristic to some target markets. Navigational and accessibility risks are also evaluated to be addressed down the road. 

Finance Language Related Risks 

Finance risk assessment in localization is designed to identify if and how the investments in content localization are justified down the road. This is where we align financial efforts to the corresponding KPI’s to make sure the localization wins are clearly visible in their respective reporting cases. Native believes in decision making based on hard data, that is why we introduce iterative processes for localization that help our partners understand which markets should be prioritized and which investments can be staggered. 

Sales and Marketing Related Risks

Risk assessment in sales and marketing related operations when it comes to localization also deals with certain KPI’s that should be properly positioned. We’re talking about localized market roles in new user acquisition, existing client retention, lead generating and sales support. All these reports should be brought to the front to make sure localization value is represented.

Native will consult you on the best practices to approach localization and provide you with a step-by-step localization strategy plan to mitigate any risks.

We provide comprehensive risk assessment services, including:


We are highly skilled in the language of globalization, with a deep understanding of the complexities of language, culture, and logistics.

Risk assessment is an evaluation of potential risks and challenges associated with localization projects. It covers regulatory and legal aspects, technical challenges, and best practices for approaching localization.

Risk assessment is important because it helps companies identify and prevent potential problems before they occur, saving time, money, and resources. It also helps ensure compliance with local regulations and laws.

Risk assessment is typically conducted by a team of experts with knowledge and experience in localization. The team will evaluate the client’s current localization practices, identify potential risks and challenges, and provide recommendations.

Risk assessment can help with international expansion by identifying potential risks and challenges associated with localization for new markets. It can also improve a localization strategy by ensuring a smooth and successful expansion.

The frequency of risk assessment depends on the needs and the complexity of localization projects. It is recommended that an organization conducts assessments whenever there are plans for significant changes or expansion.