Media Localization

Expand your reach and connect with audiences globally with media localization services. We use AI and Machine Learning in combination with localization teams to publish media content into multiple markets so you can grow your customer base, increase engagement, drive your business forward, stay competitive, and build your brand for the long run. Whether you intend to tap into a single market or multiple regions, Native has the expertise and resources to handle multimedia localization projects on time and within budget.

Is Media Localization helpful?

Contemporary media comes in different forms and so does media localization. When thinking about which media outlets to use, we usually think about the purpose they will be used in. The same goes for media localization. Each localization effort has to be justified; an investment is made that awaits returns. 

Localized media has been the preferred way foreign users consume content for years, especially in Europe, where the divide of languages has historically facilitated that. For example, Scandinavian countries have a large population of people that are very proficient in English, as a result, subtitles are very popular, as they do not disrupt the media experience that much. Whereas Germany is famous for very high-level voiceovers as it historically has been their preferred way of viewing media dating back years.

Looking to the future with Media Localization

There are many more examples on the cultural specifics, but it is clear that media localization has had and will have a role in media consumption around the world. While the technologies and workflows have changed and become smarter, the importance of accessibility to content has always remained high.

Media localization services

Native is growing fast in the media localization services industry and offers full-range multimedia localization services, including but not limited to:

Business Corporate team brainstorming with chart and checking and analysis


When tapping into new markets, marketing localization services are a logical step in the process and key to building customer loyalty.


Make your video content more accessible and engage a broader audience with video subtitling.


Native has extensive experience with transcription projects and uses smart technology to reduce time to market and cut costs, while maintaining top-notch quality.


A well-made voiceover can really drive the narrative of your video. Native offers both AI and human voiceover options to cater to your needs and budget.


Native provides top-notch desktop publishing services that will make everything come together just as intended.

Every brand and product is unique, and our curated teams of expert translators and media specialists are ready to work with you to ensure your localized content comes across clearly, connects with target audiences, and delivers in the given market. Learn more about what each of our media localization services entail or contact us and request a quote for your next project.


We are highly skilled in the language of globalization, with a deep understanding of the complexities of language, culture, and logistics.

Media localization involves adapting media content – videos, subtitles, audio, visuals, etc. – into multiple languages to enter new markets and gain new customers, increase engagement, and build your brand. It enables you to expand your reach and makes your business connect with the local audience, increasing your visibility, revenue, customer loyalty and driving your business.

The effectiveness of your media localization efforts will be presented through client-facing KPI’s such as increased view count, views from target market countries, new users from localized countries, reurning users, increased user retention, engagement to your localized media on social networks and many more. Native is always ready to consult on value propositions and help highlight the value of localization to your stakeholders.

Native uses a combination of AI-powered tools and Machine Learning to reduce the time and budget it takes to bring your media assets to the world stage. Our automated processes are supervised by highly qualified media localization resources to ensure you have a market-ready product much faster and for a fraction of the cost.

The best practices for media localization mean working with experienced localization providers, utilizing the right technology, and implementing a rigorous quality-assurance process to ensure accuracy and consistency across different languages and cultures, while also considering and taking advantage of cultural nuances.

The different types of media localization services include subtitling, voiceover, dubbing, and closed captioning. Subtitling involves adding written translations of the audio in the same language as the original content. Voiceover involves using a voice actor to create translated audio that is overlayed onto the original audio. Dubbing involves replacing the original audio with localized audio. Closed captioning means adding text of the audio, such as dialogue, sound effects and musical cues, on screen for when audio is unavailable or not clearly audible.