Voiceover Services

A well-made voiceover can really drive the narrative of your video. Get professional voiceover services for your video content, e-learning modules, or commercials to captivate your audience and increase customer engagement. Native offers both AI and human voiceover options to cater to your needs and budget.

Effectiveness of Voiceovers

Voiceover services (also known as V/O) are the ultimate nod to localized media content apart from having foreign actors redoing the whole thing. Having full human voiceover on your media in certain situations provides the most engagement and impact in local markets.

Current State of V/O?

Voiceover services nowadays can be done in a number of ways. We’re seeing increasing amounts of content that is written or spoken, that benefit from artificial intelligence voiceover. Blog posts or articles that receive high impressions are often AI dubbed for consumption on the go, adding another layer of use for written content that did not necessarily exist before. 

Do we still need human V/O?

Human voiceover services, however, are applied to situations where emotional impact and precision matters the most. That mainly deals with media consumption for entertainment and learning purposes. TV shows, movies and language learning content remain the peak demand for human voiceover services.

Every voiceover project requires a unique approach and we work closely with each client to ensure that the result fully aligns with the purpose. This includes choice of register and voice talent to make sure that the tone and style complements the message and resonates with the audience.

Whether you need a voiceover a foreign language or your native tongue, Native provides professional grade voiceover services that will speak to the hearts and minds of your audience. Partner with Native and take make your videos have a voice with:

Custom match-making of best voice talents, register and tone for each project

AI or human voiceovers are available depending on your needs and budget

Voiceover in multiple languages


We are highly skilled in the language of globalization, with a deep understanding of the complexities of language, culture, and logistics.

A voiceover service involves the recording of a professional voice artist who speaks a script or dialogue for a specific purpose and is often used for videos, e-learning courses, audiobooks, commercials, etc.

A voiceover can make your content more engaging, professional and easier to follow. It can help you expand your audience, especially if you are translating your content into other languages.

Yes. If you have a favorite voice talent, we can have them record the voiceover. We work with a wide range of professional and experienced voice artists specializing in different styles and industries. You can always choose the voice talent that best matches your project, including preferred age, gender, accent and tone.

An AI voiceover uses a computer-generated voice created with artificial intelligence technology. It is often used for shorter scripts or when time is of the essence. A human voiceover involves a real person who will read the script and bring it to life with their voice. A human voiceover is typically used for longer scripts or for projects that require a more natural and personalized touch.

To ensure that your voiceover accurately conveys the intended message in the right tone, style, and register, work with a professional voiceover service provider that provides language expertise and support. At Native, we work closely with our clients to learn their needs and provide full assistance with language selection, script reviews, and talent selection to ensure that the result meets expectations and effectively conveys the intended message.