Case study:

Scaling the Reputation platform from 2 to 16 languages










The task

The project goal was to introduce a localization infrastructure for the client’s product platform to effectively scale from 2 to 16 languages. Each new language added 220,000 words of translated content, with a desired turnaround time of 4 weeks.


We conducted extensive planning and analysis to pick the right translation platform for implementing localization and went through a careful resource selection process to ensure uninterrupted workflow.

We worked closely with the client, platform owner, and our project managers to create a functional localization environment that allowed for continuous localization.

We assembled a main team of translators and editors, with 2 backup teams per language, to do the translation and create the glossary. We also established communication lines between the translators to facilitate glossary creation and proactively avoid translation errors.


220,000 words in 4 weeks usually requires the flawless collaboration of 2-3 translators and 1 editor per language in order to keep good consistency and style, so we had to ensure that the work proceeded as smoothly as possible. Communication between translation teams also required some management of opinion clashes to aid reaching a consensus faster.

Lastly, the scale of the project put the translation management platform’s functional limits to the test and required some custom engineering and optimization for uninterrupted deployment.


Within a year, the client had gradually scaled up from 2 to 16 actively maintained languages, with 3–5 languages added per batch. Currently, Native is maintaining bi-monthly content updates in sync with the product team and new feature rollout cycles.

Other case studies:

The client approached us to become the official translation partner in a large-scale EU procurement for localizing vocational learning modules for ERASMUS+ students into 28 languages.

This job had around 94,000 words of content per language and needed to be delivered in 4 weeks. The challenge was a lot of corrupt and improperly displayed content. This required some creative engineering on our side.

This job required us to process around 32,000 words and to produce 157 minutes of subtitles in 16 languages.