Case study:

Reputation Help Center article localization and tutorial subtitling






minutes of 








The task

This job required us to process around 32,000 words and to produce 157 minutes of subtitles in 16 languages.


We realized that integrations were going to be a key part of executing both aspects of the job.
The help center content was hosted in WordPress, allowing us to utilize WPML connector plugins to hook it up directly to our translation management system and extract all text.

The platform tutorial videos were hosted on Vimeo, which also allowed us to use integrations to connect to our subtitling platform and create our workflows. A short call with the client allowed us to establish a connection that could transfer the content for all necessary language batches at any time. The same was done for subtitling integrations.

To ensure the best consistency, translations were done first and then referenced for subtitling the videos. All translated content was subsequently live-tested and put through a QA process.
The success of this job depended to a great degree on our know-how of integrations and system interaction. Once all connections were figured out, our project manager created 2 workflows to execute the 2 parts of the job.


Our approach allowed us to avoid manual file exchange, as all content was exported straight back into the WordPress multilingual content management (WPML) system. Integrations allowed us to avoid content loss and errors. The subtitle files were also uploaded directly to the videos and, thanks to our workflows, were timecoded and QA’d on the actual videos before exporting them back to Vimeo.

Other case studies:

We took part in a milestone AI training project, where the goal was to make an AI capable of translating conversational language from Russian into English by means of analyzing and learning from human pre-translated tweets and articles.

The project goal was to introduce a localization infrastructure for the client’s product platform to effectively scale it from 2 to 16 languages. Each new language added 220,000 words of translated content, with a desired turnaround time of 4 weeks.

The client approached us to become the official translation partner in a large-scale EU procurement for localizing vocational learning modules for ERASMUS+ students into 28 languages.